The world of *Insert name of world here* has two pantheons, the Divine's and the Arch-Devils. There are also the Primordials, beings of immense power that were around before the dawn of creation and the Daemon Princes of the Abyss.

*world* is also filled with beings categorised as Powers. These are incredibly powerful entities that fall short of godhood, The Seelie and Unseelie Queens are examples of Powers.

The Divines

The Divines are the primary Gods of *World*. They are the mostly worshipped and have many churches dedicated to their worship.

The Arch-Devils

The Arch-Devils were once members of the Divine, but were cast out for trying to rule over the planes.

The Daemon Lords

The Daemon Lords came from nothing, they are a cancer to the universe and will not rest until it is once again reduced to nothing.

The Primordials

The Primordials are the first gods, cruel and savage beings of elemental creation, it was they who created the world so they may pit their creations against each other.

  • Eldur - Fire Primordial
  • Vatr - Water Primordial
  • Jord - Earth Primordial
  • Loft - Air Primordial
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